Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Non-Fiction Fun - Summer Stash Blog Hop

It’s Wednesday and time for anther blog hop with Minute Mommy. This week we are talking about nonfiction books. And in tune with my book choices from last week, I am again picking Fall books! We are coming up on my favorite time of the year! Can you tell?? Don’t curse me yet, I am NOT wishing summer away, as it is going fast enough on its own.

Can you take field trips? Do they have to be “tied” to something that you are teaching? That is the great thing about this time of year, you can easily tie in what you are teaching to a field trip! At the end of September/beginning of October we start teaching nonfiction. We talk about the basic things to look for in nonfiction books, make anchor charts, and all that good stuff. We apply what we have learned to the books we are reading. Fall is perfect to teach nonfiction, not only for reading, but you can get in Science and life cycles too! So if you choose to read books about apples, and then a little later – pumpkins, you can take a field trip to an orchard that has both! And then you are fulfilling your need to be standard based.

You can use any books you have available to you. The ones in the picture are a few of the ones that I have in my classroom. There are PAGES of books about pumpkins and apples if you search it on Scholastic, Barnes & Noble or Amazon. It all depends on the grade level you teach and what you want to use it for. I've created a quick FREEBIE below to use with any apple and pumpkin book!

Now hop on over to Just Add Students and see what nonfiction books she's picked out!

 Hop hosted by Minute Mommy!

 Sorry for such a short post today, I am fighting a migraine, and it's bed time!

Great adventures await you!


  1. We also did the themes apples and pumpkins. :) Apples in Sept and pumpkins in Oct. The kids loved taste testing different colors of apples and graphing their favorite... one year I messed up and told the kids how I really like green apples and they nearly all voted for green apples. LOL. Gotta love kindergarten. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is fun to pick themes! For my intermediate students, we use this technique to practice analyzing how different writers approach the same topic in different ways. Thanks for your ideas!! Marypat